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Every DreamWorks Character
 → Rain [Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron]
I couldn’t understand it. She treated this scrawny two-legged like one of our kind, prancing around him like a love-struck yearling. It was down right unnatural.

the best film ever!

Dec's Hidden Secrets (57)


Don’t read if you Don’t like it! Warning! (last rush before school tomorrow - will be writing still, just not as often as I want to) :)

As ‘This Morning’ went to a commercial break, the boys readjusted themselves lightly upon the sofa. Carefully, Ant balanced the plate of crumbs onto the sofa…

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what if your phobias are based off how you died in a past life

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Dec’s Hidden Secrets (57)

Don’t read if you Don’t like it! Warning! (last rush before school tomorrow - will be writing still, just not as often as I want to) :)

As ‘This Morning’ went to a commercial break, the boys readjusted themselves lightly upon the sofa. Carefully, Ant balanced the plate of crumbs onto the sofa arm, as Dec rolled onto his lap and he secured his arms around Dec. Instantly, Dec relaxed and Ant remembered last night, Ant began softly, “Youse were very cute drunk”
“Was I?” Dec asked casually as he tucked up himself into a foetus position against Ant’s chest. Gently, Ant’s arms ran around Dec’s back and calves, his hands locked together in the middle. Ant held Dec like this, softly squeezing his partner into him, “Yeah extremely pet. I remember when ya climbed into the car. I had to shut the door on ya, just to stop ya from falling out and hurting yourself. But when I came back in, youse were crying over me. Ya thought I left ya..!” Ant lowered his cheek against Dec’s hair, feeling Dec breathe deeper, “Ya were in a right state, but I won ya over. Apparently what’s under ma pants is a better way of recognising me than ma face!” Dec reddened severally. Rapidly, Ant glanced now and noticed Dec.
“I must have been really smashed then… I don’t know…” Lightly, Dec unwrapped himself, he felt a bit awkward. Reluctantly, Ant let go, feeling his partner lay down across his lap. Casually, Dec’s head rested against the armrest and his chest was on top of Ant. Fondly, Ant’s hand ran up and down Dec’s back as he laid back against the sofa back, “Like I’m bothered man… Ya know… Might give up drinking if this is want ya like drunk, I’d love to see that every Saturday night… But I don’t know about the bedroom action… Ya very wicked” Dec firmly pressed his head against the armrest and went completely scarlet. Playfully, Ant ruffled Dec’s hair before massaging his neck lovingly and instantly Dec began to moan softly, “So you’ve done all of Takeaway then…? Without considering me…” Ant asked in a shocked but joyful tone as he lowered his arms along Dec’s sides. Continuously, Ant heard Dec’s voice groan and fight for a chance to respond, as Ant’s hands danced inside the Newcastle top. Gradually, Dec’s weight pressed down, “Nah… Just… I did just the ending… The act’s all booked and ready. Will have to wait for Wednesday for the beginning part… Do it with you… But… Today, no working. I can’t concentrate with this head, all fuzzy…” Dec summed up swiftly as Ant’s sneaky hands teased his top away from him.

Constantly throughout the bewildering attention, Dec moaned at the smooth and steady contact across his back. But then Ant’s hand descended down along his sides, heading towards his hips and Dec’s head rolled heavily forward, “Oh Anth… Thanks for this… Please, keep this going, I love ya so much… Helping so much”
“Helping ya head?”
“More than that… It’s heaven… I can’t speak… Oh yep, Anth…” Dec breathed as Ant’s hand rested over his hips. Tightly, Ant gripped Dec, it was then that he noticed Dec shuffle forward. Suddenly Ant felt Dec. Affectionately, Ant glided his left hand along Dec’s front. Closely following Dec’s tracksuit bottoms edge, finding the middle and moving down his partner. Loudly, Dec whimpered, Ant found the material was starting to stretch at Dec’s groin, “Alright Decky, calm. Gonna give ya some fun, alright staying like this?”
“Yeah… Perfect, have me…”
Afterwards, Ant’s right hand clasped around Dec’s trousers and boxers around the back, lowering them slightly. The clothes landed along his thighs. On his lap, Dec was arching himself forward as the cold air was felt against hips. Hopelessly desperate for more action, Dec felt Ant’s left arm head from behind him. It skimmed his butt by inches and slid around him carefully from between his legs, “Anth…”
“Decky, relax. I’m just gonna give ya a little massage, look Philip’s back on”

Tenderly, Ant drifted his left hand along Dec’s length. Instantaneously, Dec’s head pressed firmly against the armrest, moaning shakily as he craved more pressure. But effortlessly, Ant watched ‘This Morning’ as his hand caressed around Dec’s skin. After every couple of minutes, Ant would flick his index finger over Dec’s slit. Just to keep Dec vocal, secretly he loved hearing Dec beg him to pump harder, “Stop… Punishing… Me, from last night… Just pump harder… I’m not gonna last… Anth, please! Stop teasing!”
“Ya think I am… No Decky, I’m just loving ya” Ant teased back as he increased the pressure minimally. Abruptly Ant felt his hand dampen. Cleverly, he used this as a lubricant whilst Dec’s face rolled to his left. Contently, Dec’s eyes were gently shut, his mouth was wide open as he breathed rapidly. Ant rolled his palm across Dec’s head and felt Dec surge his hips forward. After a while, Dec’s knees began to rise their owner from the cushions. Playfully, Ant smacked Dec’s butt and heard Dec mumble a hasty insult back. Dec’s tracksuit bottoms fell further down his legs as Dec groaned at Ant’s feathery touch, rubbing against his tip.
Another break came, Ant realised he’d been messing with Dec for over 15 minutes now. He had started to feel evil about his playing. Cautiously, Ant looked down, he saw Dec’s hips rapidly moving of their own accord against his light teasing. It stole his breath away to hear Dec whining desperately against the armrest, “Anth… Best morning ever… Can I…? Please… Rub me harder… I’ve been good… I’ve waited, come on Anth…”
“Oh I am sorry Decky. Just bear with us” Ant replied as he grasped Dec tighter and roughly pumped down. Instantly, Ant noticed Dec’s breath catching, his hips forcefully thrust downwards and Dec was shaking violently. Ecstasy overwhelmed Dec, he cried out harshly as Ant’s felt his hand heat up.

“Luv ya Anth… See ya in, 10 minutes”
“Aye pal, have a good rest… Sorry for delaying ya pet”



Ant & Dec pose with the new Belfast Giants jersey’s labelled with their birth dates and given to them before their Belfast shows.

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