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The Best Man Speech - Wedding part 4

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The Best Man Speech

In the car on the way to the function hall, Ant had Dec laid on his chest like normal and his left hair began brushing through Dec’s hair, “That’s the best thing I have done” Dec stated, Ant nodded at him before he joined in the conversation, “Yeah I agree with you, but now we have to a gay-jokes on Takeaway!”
“We can think of them later… I want to spend my time thinking about you” Dec replied warmly, and Ant laughed lightly, “What you thinking of?”
“Oh just fun times with you, there are so many… Hey! PJ and Duncan are also coming back tonight… We can never get rid of them!” Dec stated. Ant just ruffled his hair and looked out the window, content to have his Declan back with him.

At the function hall, the friends, families and work colleagues took to their seats. Patiently, waiting for their boys. But now it was Steven’s turn to be nervous, he had to give the best man speech and he had been working on it for a week now. However, he still wasn’t sure. Steven was sat on the top table, right of Dec’s empty chair and out in front of him, he had the speech out. Carefully, Steven read the page over 20 times during the wait, making mental notes to add stuff when he spoke it. On the Donnelly table in front of Steven, Dec’s brothers and sisters talked about the ceremony, “How good were they?! Dec completely to centre stage… He is getting so confidant in himself, it’s nice to see” one of his brothers stated warmly. Whilst on the McPartin’s table, his close family kept looking at the top table, waving at Sara and making her blush.

Suddenly the pair walked in. Quickly, the boys visited all the tables, collecting their wedding gifts and getting well-deserved comments. They head to the judges table last for a joke, “So Simon what’s your take on the service?” Dec asked light-heartedly and David laughed heavily. To play along Simon lent back in his chair, frowned and face the pair, “The music choice was terrible, the vicar was taking too long… but I have to say the hosts were fantastic! Honestly boys, Amanda and Alesha were crying, David was nearly crying and, can’t believe I am saying this but, you moved me”
“Dec expect a hospital trip pal! Simon gonna send us there” Ant replied comically, Simon gave a smile and Dec laughed heartily. Playfully Simon shoved the presenters on. Before he said, “Steven wants to do his speech and I really want my tea… So guys just let him go on with it!”
As the pair walked to their seat, Ant winked at Simon. Fondly, Ant pulled Dec’s chair out for him as he settled down, Dec glanced up at Ant and gave him a short kiss on the hand. After Ant sat down, they both turned to Steven, “We done the first bit! It’s now your bit!” Ant remembered Steven lightly, Steven gave a nervous smile and Dec saw this, he turned to Steven and said, “It’s no worse than preforming on our shows Steven… You can do it! Go on Mullers, give us your worse gags hey?”

Shakily, Steven rose to his feet and Dec tapped his glass with his fork to give Steven everyone’s full attention. Gently, Ant pushed his chair closer to Dec’ before wrapping his arm around Dec’s left shoulder and chest. Nervously, Steven waited for the noise level to drop and moved his notes around on the table so he could glance down and see

“Afternoon everyone! Yep, you’ve guessed rightly, Ant and Dec have picked me as their best man… and I know what you’re thinking, where the food Steven? Tough! It won’t come until, I have finished! So Ant and Dec, such an appropriate title now, don’t ya think? They already were like an old married couple, well… now they officially are. They never argue, there is never a bad word said in hate… I was gonna say never separated but we all know that’s not been the case.” Steven paused as the room laughed. Heavily, Ant laughed and rested firmly on Dec’s right shoulder, who was finding it hard to support the extra weight and giggle at the same time. Quickly, Steven glanced at Dec, who gave him an instant wink, “No, I have to say no-one gone through bad times better than Ant and Dec have here. For instance, Dec had to endure Ant’s disappearance on the live Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals and after presenting for 15 minutes Dec got told that Ant was hurt. I have to say here Dec, that you were a credit to yourself! No, you really were, you remained so professional behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Ant hasn’t fare too lightly either. He had to endure Dec been thrown into a wild goose chase, on his stag night, with my Land Rover! And yes that Land Rover was indeed paid for by the culprit Paddy McGuiness! But more unbelievably than that, when we found Dec had crash. Ant immediately went to help. Ant jumped straight into that car without a seconds thought about himself! And still remained completely professional through-out as he calmed down Dec and talked to the paramedics. All in all, they are as professional as they seem… Or are they?” Steven paused again, giving time for the audience to catch up and to give Ant and Dec time to prepare for the next bit. Gently, Ant gave Dec a nervous glance, Dec smiled softly at Ant, ‘We’ll get him afterwards Anth… Don’t you worry’
“I mean Wonkey Donkey! That was a great bit of TV wasn’t it?! Dec, how wound up can you get with that? It’s got to rhyme! Calm down, Dec they’re only kids! Not to mention Saturday Night Takeaway, Ant Vs Dec won’t be the same again! I mean you’ll be fighting then more than just a trophy now, won’t you boys?” Steven added mischievously, Dec blushed heavily and the room exploded into laughter. Affectionately, Ant tilted Dec to look at him before brushing his hair and pecking him on the cheek, “I get him after, and don’t you worry Decky! I’ll make him pay for that” Ant whispered, Dec smiled warmly as his cheeks faded slowly. Steven grinned at the boys and thought to himself, ‘They are going to have me!’
“But enough said, I want to share with you guys a little story. OK, I and Dec went to shopping the other day to buy Ant his ring. Now, Dec was absolutely lost searching for a ring for his best mate, so enlisted the help for me. Eventually we found the ring, and I asked said this to the shop keeper, we would like to have a closer at this ring, my colleague… Now it was at this point when Dec gave me a little annoyed look. I quickly realised Dec wanted me to call him his friend! I was shocked, Me, Steven Mulhurn Declan Donnelly’s friend – wow! Thanks Dec it an honour, an honour to be your friend.” Steven paused, he could hear people talking and it was really off-putting. Especially Simon in the back, who had began to moan at his girlfriend for being bored and it was starting to irritate Steven. Instantly, Dec noticed the pause and realised the reason why. Nervously, he glanced at Ant, whispering “Do you mind if I?”
“Dec, I know what you’re gonna do. Just do it, Simon’s being a pain and you know it”

Suddenly Dec jumped up of his seat. He got everyone attention straight away, everyone could see he was annoyed, his mouth was straight and behind Ant gazed worriedly at his mate. But Dec just announced firmly, “Can everybody please just settle down? Steven hasn’t finished yet, yes I’m sure he won’t be long now” Steven looked at Dec and was impressed. Dec was standing up from his seat, away from Ant’s side and controlling the audience for Steven. The room level dropped to a complete silence, and all of the other judges were staring darkly at Simon. Gently, Dec sat back down and gazed softly at Steven, giving him a signal to continue. Steven appreciated Dec’s abrupt response and began his sentence again, “Dec it’s an honour to be your friend because as you’ve just shown there, you’re fantastically loyal, completely trustworthy and when you’re not wound up, really pleasant to be around. I can honestly see why Ant has asked to be his husband, as since the tragic news of Lisa’s death, you have always given Ant your whole attention. You’ve given his your kidney, for crying out loud! You’re ready to put yourself into to harm’s way for Ant, I really believe that Ant is really lucky to have you as a friend, colleague and now husband. Look after one another boys and thanks for giving me this honour”




those are some pretty good lucking cakes (and men :) )

The vows and the Kiss - The Wedding part 3

Part 1 http://lights8587.tumblr.com/post/92172374856/my-first-fanfic
Previous Part http://lights8587.tumblr.com/post/92923555847/last-minute-nerves-the-wedding-part-2

The Vows and the Kiss

It was getting towards the end of the ceremony, Ant and Dec both knew what came next, which was the vows and the kiss. The vicar had started to read of his book again, before he addressed Ant. Softly, Ant turned to face Dec and Dec did the same. Now for the first time, they could look at each other and now Dec found it impossible to keep a straight face. Warmly, Ant smiled at Dec, who read his partner’s thoughts, ‘Calm down Decky!’ Both hands locked and Dec gazed into Ant’s eyes.
The vicar raised his voice again, “If you would Anthony McPartlin repeat my words, I, Anthony McPartlin take Declan Donnelly to be my lawful husband…”
Lightly, Ant tugged Dec closer in and held Dec by his waist, before stating very levelled and confidently, “I, Anthony McPartlin take Declan Donnelly to be my lawful husband…” Dec grinned as he started to redden a little on his cheeks, the vicar smiled at the Donnelly family as tears streamed down Anne’s face, “… To have and to hold from this day forth, for richer or for poorer…”
“To have and to hold from this day forth, for richer or poorer” Ant copied as Dec’s eyes began to water. Gently, Ant smiled at his partner, waited for the tear to fall and wiped it anyway from Dec’s cheek. The vicar watched the performance in front of him before continuing, “for fitness or ill health, to death do us part”
“For fitness or ill health, until death do us part” Ant said, removing his hands off Dec’s waist and place his left in his pocket as the right one held Dec’s left hand. Within seconds, Ant slid the silver ring back onto its rightful place on Dec’s ring finger.

Patiently, Dec waited as his family and Ant’s family took photos of the duo. Now he knew it was his turn. Just before, the vicar was about to address Dec, “Can I just say it?” Dec whispered, the vicar gave surprised look at Dec but nodded his head, “Dec must be a professional – He wants to say it without help! Rather him than me” The vicar joked and the hall erupted into laughter. Softly, Dec place his hands on Ant’s waist, glancing at Ant. Fondly, Ant gave Dec a good luck squeeze of his sleeve as the hall volume decreased to silent. Dec began reciting the words he just heard, “I, Declan Donnelly take you Anthony McPartlin, to be my lawful husband. To have and to hold from this day forth, for richer or for poorer, for fitness or ill health. Until death do us part”
Suddenly Anne gave a little cheer. Dec laughed at his mother, turning to his mam and giving her a thumbs up. Softly, Dec offered Ant his left hand, whilst his right found Ant’s secret ring, ‘Oh My… Dec got me a ring! Like he promised!’ Ant thought as Dec placed a golden ring, with a red writing crafted into the metal, I love you on to Ant’s ring finger. Passionately, Ant smiled as happy tears rolled down his cheeks, Dec reached up to Ant’s jaw and wiped them away

Finally, the vicar could say the words Ant and Dec want to hear, “You may now kiss!”
Affectionately, Ant placed his arms tightly around Dec’s waist and lowered him gently, so he could lean over. Ant saw Dec’s eyes close as he touched his lips, Dec let Ant control, opening his mouth and let Ant rub his tongue over Dec’s. The room exploded in applause, covering Dec’s moan as Ant lifted Dec of the floor and into his arms, “You’re mine Decky… Completely” Ant sighed as Dec leant his head into Ant’s chest, “Give me another kiss! Come on!” Dec pleaded playfully, Ant pecked him softly before he carried Dec down the aisle. Suddenly, red and blue confetti was thrown open into the arm as the couple headed into the corridor outside. But Ant continued to carry Dec to the other side before lowering his buddy. They were stood by a brown sofa by the wall, Ant thought that would be the perfect place, Ant looked down at Dec “Decky..? Can I have a kiss?”
“Don’t need to ask me more than once” Dec replied as he playfully shoved Ant back into seat behind him and settled in Ant’s lap. Quietly, Ant’s and Dec’s family walked past smiling as they saw Dec lead the kiss this time. Softly, Dec lowered his head and their lips locked. Instantly, Ant let Dec in and command, softly Dec held Ant by his shoulders. Lightly, Dec’s tongues traced over Ant’s and Ant moaned in Dec’s mouth. The corridor filled with the SNT Production team, Steven and the judges, they watched as Ant and Dec showed their true selves. Dec didn’t want the kiss to end, he could feel Ant be led into it as Ant mischievously bit at Dec’s bottom lip, he moaned at the contact. After a minute, Ant and Dec broke apart and the crowd walked down the staircases into the outside.  Softly, Dec rose to his feet, “Tea time!”
“Love you my little teddy bear” Ant replied, scooping up Dec back into his arms and heading downstairs. A red carpet had been rolled out for the pair and they walked onto it as the camera all over flashed at them. Gently, Ant placed Dec on his feet and grabbed his hand, Dec gazed at Ant, “Let’s do this”
“No Decky, Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble!” Ant joked as Dec laughed and started to walk to the car.

Last Minute Nerves - The Wedding part 2

Part 1 http://lights8587.tumblr.com/post/92172374856/my-first-fanfic
Previous Part http://lights8587.tumblr.com/post/92910489376/morning-of-the-wedding-the-wedding-part-1

Last Minute Nerves

In the main hall at the church, everyone were starting to take their seats. On the front right was the Donnelly crew, Anne and all of Dec’s 6 brothers and sister sat on the first 4 rows of benches, accompanied closely by their partners and children. The right benches were decorated in blue bunting, with a glittery silver D in the middle of each triangle. Softly, Ant waved at the Donnelly family and Anne ushered Ant over fondly, “Is everything OK there Ant? We haven’t seen our Declan yet” Anne asked lightly, Ant nodded his head and placed his hand on Anne’s right shoulder gently, “Everything is perfect Anne, Dec’s arriving later on” Anne quickly got the jest of the plan and grinned at her new son-in-law, “I love the suit and theme” Anne stated and Ant gave his thanks as he walked over to his family. All gathered on the front 2 rows of benches, on the left side. His Mam and Sara, with their close family around them. Similar to Dec’s half, the left side was decorated in red bunting. In the middle of the triangles was a golden glittery A. Quickly, the McPartlin family noticed Ant and called him over, his mam began, “Not long now son, how are you? Bet you’re really nervous.” 
“Yes I am mam… Dec bless him, it was him who organised all of this, I tried to help but I fell asleep last afternoon… Still haven’t thanked him enough” Ant replied, as his mam rose up from her bench to hug and kiss Ant. On the middle benches, the SNT Production team were spread out across both side. They had their recording equipment set up over the church, to catch the wedding for James Grant and for their present to the boys. When they saw Ant being kissed by his mother, couldn’t contain their laughter and Ant blushed heavily. Sara lightly got up and replaced her mother, “There, there Ant. How are you going to kiss Dec is you can’t kiss mam? Just forget them, imagine this is Saturday Night Takeaway”
“Thanks Sara… I can easily kiss Dec. They’ve seen me kiss him before” Ant replied.

Then suddenly Ant caught the movement of doors at the back, they had slid open. His nerves began to multiply and he just stared at the doorway, and saw two shadows. Swiftly, he moved away from the benches and into aisle. His sudden move, alerted everyone to shut up and look forward. Instantly, the noise level dropped from loud to silent as Steven Mulhurn started to walk very confidently, up the aisle. Everyone stared at his suit, he was dressed smartly in a black, three piece suit. Under the waistcoat and jacket was a jade green tie and white shirt. Then eyes flickered between Steven and Ant, Ant looked really shaky now. He neared Ant, took his shoulders in his hands and pulled him closer, “Calm down Ant, Dec’s now in the building, on the over side of the wall. He’s waiting for the cue, he knows what it is and you’ll know when he does. You’ll hear the gasps, I can’t wait for you to see him! Dec looks really dashing” Ant felt Steven place Dec’s ring into his pocket, “You’ll need this back, just for a few minutes”
“Thanks Steven… Making me jealous and impatient!” Ant replied jokily and Steven laughed as he slid into the front left bench by Ant’s Mam. On the end rows, Simon was sat by the aisle on the left side with his girlfriend. He looked backwards and he could see Declan’s nervous face, through the gap in the door. Expertly, Simon could tell this meant more to Dec than the finals of Britain’s Got Talent or the first show of Takeaway. Simon was wearing his normal suit, a suit jacket and a shirt with the top three buttons open. Suddenly music played in the church. Then Ant knew instantly this was the cue.

On the opposite side of the wall, Dec began to pace nervously as the introduction played through. Remembering to breathe deep and to relax, ‘Ant’s on the other side, just think of him… I want to see him’. And then the organ kicked in, heavily Dec set off forward from behind the door and into the main hall. As his eyes rested on Ant, he suddenly he felt more confident.
In front of Dec was his partner, Ant was dressed in a black three piece suit and as he turned Dec could see a bright red tie. Warmly, Ant smiled at his anxious fiancé, making his way steady and surely up to the front of the church. People on either side had started to gasp at Dec and Ant knew Steven was right. In his eyes, Dec was stunning all the time but now with that suit on Dec was spectacular to Ant. On Dec’s right he could hear the production team sob with delight and further ahead his family cheering him on. This gave Dec the best feeling ever, he was centre of attention and he was the biggest show off he knew of. Dec thought he was over cloud 9 and gone to heaven with his family be so supportive of the path he’s chosen. Just when the song finished, Dec had reached Ant’s right side finally.

Instinctively, Dec glanced left and saw Ant grin down at him, “This is it Decky!” Ant whispered as he locked hands with Ant, “Don’t let go Anth… “
“Never pal… Well only when I give you back your ring, and you give me your surprise” Dec gave the biggest grin Ant has seen in ages and squeezed Dec’s hand. As the vicar walked to meet the duo, “We’re here today to witness the partnership of Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly…” The room was completely silent, even Ant and Dec were struggling to think of something funny to comfort each other. The man was taller than both of them, he had brown kind eyes which hovered over the couple had instantly feel comfortable and brown hair which was short and straight. He started the ceremony and The SNT Production team crept into action.


They got separated!!! This is not right!


Their faces make the trial sometimes!

Morning of the Wedding - The Wedding Part 1

Part 1http://lights8587.tumblr.com/post/92172374856/my-first-fanfic
Previous part http://lights8587.tumblr.com/post/92845015096/the-aftertoon-before-the-wedding

Morning of the Wedding

It was 8 in the morning at Dec’s house and Ant woke, he was on Dec’s half of the bed. As he woke Ant smiled as he saw his phone on his left. It was vibrating urgently and he could tell Dec had text him. Instantly, Ant was wide awake and reached for his black and white case. He looked at the scene, it had 3 New Messages. Not surprisingly they were all from Dec, he tapped his password in and rapidly searched for the messages

Good night Anth! I had a good night at Steven’s this evening. No crashes so far! (Joking!) But no, I can’t wait to see you at the church, Anth. But you’ll have to wait for me! I won’t be there straight away, I’ll be doing the girl role, (everyone’s gonna have so much fun with that!). Coming later (which is normal me) and going straight into the service. No worries about earlier today. I loved talking you to sleep. Just to remind you I have your surprise tucked in my left tuxedo pocket. Love ya loads, Decky xxxx

Hey Anth, just a message to say. Don’t worry about the service when you wake up Anth, I have planned everything – Seen as I am the ‘planner’ as everyone keeps saying. Steven is coming for you at around 8:30, and he has your tuxedo (I haven’t seen it), I am going to wake up with a text at 8 (Guess that’s when you’re read all this, lazy Anth :P) Love ya loads, Doolittle xxxx

Wakey wakey, lazy :P You did sleep through my texts! To be fair, I knew that…. Know you to well. But ha-ha you won’t sleep through this one! Can’t wait to see you at the church tonight, love ya loads, Dec xxxx

Lightly, Ant laughed at the texts. Before rising up off the bed, heading downstairs and wandering sleepily into the kitchen. He decided to make toast for himself. As he did, Ant glanced at the oven clock, 8:15 it read. He knew in fifteen minutes, he would be preparing for his big day. Suddenly he felt teary. He had started to get overwhelmed but the thoughts of Dec. Decky all happy in his suit, Dec resting his head on his chest whilst in his safe arms and most importantly him kissing Dec. Ant knew he had to kiss Dec in front of all his peers. But this made Ant feel unstoppable, no one could stop him from loving his Dec. Deeply he knew Dec loved him and now he knew that he absolutely loved his little Declan. A tear fell from his eye and narrowly missed his toast, “Love ya Decky!” Ant sighed

Meanwhile at Steven’s house, Dec was by himself in the large city house as Steven had gone to get the arrival car for Ant. Dec was stood in a green spare bedroom, getting ready for the day. Casually, Dec glanced at himself in the full length mirror in Steven’s spare room and stared to pose in many different positions. This was so he could edit and straighten out his suit. Smartly, Dec was dressed in a brilliant white tuxedo suit. Under the jacket was a thin white shirt. Softly, Dec pulled up his shirt collar and wrapped a deep blue tie into a tight but comfortable knot. Before pushing the small knot, a finger’s width away from his neck. Looking back in the mirror, Dec smiled his usual cheesy smile as he applied gel onto his washed brown hair, ‘Anth… Miss your head massage mate, I could have done with that today! You’ll have to do it for the night do’ Dec thought as he styled his hair.
Quickly, he walked to the chest of drawers and gently picked up his ring of the side and onto his ring finger. Kissing it softly as it settled. The blue writing, Ant and Dec shown in the early morning sunlight coming through the open window. He glanced lightly at the green clock on the bedside table, 9 o’clock it said. Suddenly his mind wandered. His Ant would be at the church by now, saying his thanks to the people present and waiting patiently for him. His mind snapped back but Dec wasn’t due to arrive until 10, it was the plan that he would arrive just before the service and walk down the aisle to Ant’s right side. Finally Dec thought he was really, and walked downstairs kicked his holdall to the door before settling on the green sofa.

As he waited Dec texted Ant of his phone, which was placed in his pocket,
Hey Anth, I am ready now xxxx Please you can send Steven with the car. Really Excited! I just want to see ya, to hold your hand and to be yours forever. Have your surprise, here. Love ya loads, Decky xxxx

He placed the phone in his pocket and turned on Steven’s plasma. He switched to ITV and watched This Morning. As he switched ITV on, there was Philip talking about them, “I just want to tell the ITV ladies and gentlemen at home that today is a special day for two of ITV beloved staff. Ant and Dec’s partnership is taking a sudden but exciting turn… because it’s their wedding day! Sorry I can’t be there for the service boys, but hang on and wait! I am coming to ‘after wedding party’, which is not my words, but of the Best Man - Steven Mulhurn. Now I know that one of the pair maybe at home and watching us, Dec good luck on the wedding mate, Steven told us…”
He’s being late to his own wedding! Dec that’s really shaming!” Holly Willoughby interrupted playfully and Dec laughed heavily on the sofa, nearly falling off from getting dizzy. Then Philip got back control, “No Holly! He’s do the, dare I say it, bride’s role… Sorry Dec she made me say it!” Philip apologised to the camera and Dec shuck his head gently, calming down on the sofa.

Then Steven came through the front door, Dec stood up and straighten out his suit again as Steven casually walked into the living room, “OMG! Dec look at you! Dashing mate! A white suit, now I get the lateness”
“What you on about? You told Philip and Holly!” Dec replied, giggling at Steven’s amused face. Lightly, Steven shrugged his shoulders and walked to link arms with Dec, “Ready to Rhumble, Duncan?”
“Yes… Never say that again!”




i love how tumblr is like personally offended by 50 shades of grey

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