Jack and the Doctor.

John and David.

doing the Doctor Who theme tune.

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This is the first time this has appeared on my dash, this is unaceptable, I want this everyday.

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im pretty sure that is the first and only time the host has ever smiled on the show

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ANT AND DEC ice bucket challenge






or without shirts on in their underwear…..justsayin’…lol x

Well, they have to do it within 24 hours so it’s likely! OH MY… An Ant vs Dec! Who can stay in the ice bath for the longest!

We still get to see a video of it tho don’t we!!!!

They have to give us one! They have to show that they’ve done it!


Ant lifting up Dec before twirling him around,
‘You’ve had a good Christmas’ - Ant
*Wets himself laughing* - Dec



The sass is strong in Disney.

The truly magical moments of Disney.

I love the sass



This was just cool all by itself…but keep watching



Dec’s Hidden Secrets (30)

Within minutes, the boys had both their drinks and deserts in front of them. Their table fell silent again as they ate. On the right, Dec was still wondering about Ant’s comment earlier, ‘If you want to do something do it… But some things we need to talk about first’. He knew Ant had meant about purposing. But he was still anxious about that.
‘I know it’ll come but… what would that mean for us… We already act married! We are together always… Wait! Does Ant want to?! Is that why he is suggesting it? Does he want me to pop the question?! I really need to clear this up… But… How do I ask around the subject? Ant would think I am asking it.’

After a while, Ant looked up from his desert. Instantly, he could sense something was up with Dec. He tried to think of what he had said, but he couldn’t think of a reason why Dec had become this silent, ‘Maybe he’s just enjoying his desert… But I can help think that I said something… Oh Decky, say something!’

Then both of them looked up from their plates. Both automatically realising that they were thinking the exact same thing – What’s up with you?
Hesitated, Ant went first. He asked shakily, “Decky, What’s up pal? Did I say something edgy back then? You’re really quiet… I don’t like it”
“No… Not really Anth. I just didn’t know how to take your suggestion… I know you were talking about purposing, I wanted to say something back but I just didn’t know what to say” Dec replied honestly, which made Ant love him further. This made everything so much easier when Dec answered truthfully. Ant knew that he could talk about anything to Dec and Dec would always tell him the truth. And if Dec had something bad to say then would always find a way to say it in a nice way, “What do ya mean like? Oh OK… Um, Dec… I’d like to, but not just yet… I mean I just divorced from Lisa, didn’t I?”
“So you do want to… That clears most of my worries up, I think… No Anth! I wouldn’t do it yet either… I’d need more time to think, ya know me and planning things, I take forever… So you are over Lisa then?” Dec replied as he tucked back into his cheesecake. He finished his last bite and glanced back at Ant. Firmly, Dec slumped backwards into the chair, realising that he had asked an awkward question. He watched anxiously as Ant finished his desert. Gently, Dec drank his pint as Ant readied his response, “Well… I’m nearly there pal, still have a way to go though. But I love this… Please don’t get me wrong”
“I know Ant. I would be the first one to know Anth… I can read you like a book mate. I know you’ve been reading her comments in the papers… Her angry comments about me…” Dec interrupted. Ant placed his fist down firmly onto the table upon as he heard Dec struggle with his words. This was Dec, he never struggled with his words. Gradually, Ant dragged himself closer towards the table and downed his pint. Strongly, he took Dec’s left hand before saying, “Declan, I hate her for that. And it’s because of that I want to wait… I want that to die away completely before we do anything committing… I am over Lisa, Dec. And ya know why? Because you’re just amazing to me…”

Suddenly Dec started to cry. The complement hit Dec right in his heart. He tried to stop but he knew it was pointless. People were already starting to stare, turning around in their seats and pointing cameras at the table. Instantly, Dec felt the room heat up. He wanted to be back home, or in the dressing room. Just somewhere where Dec didn’t have to be presentable. But warmly, Ant tugged at Dec’s hand. Before Dec could realised he was doing, he caught himself walking towards Ant. Under Ant’s protection, he settled on Ant’s lap and Ant wrapped his arms around, “But you are Decky… You are amazing to be around. You’re the one person I can tell anything to and not feel stupid, childish or get embarrassed. Look, I just talked to you about Lisa, and I feel I can… Oh… OK Decky, the room is heating up… Come on, let’s get ya back home, aye?” Dec just nodded softly into Ant’s shirt, unable to give a stable answer back.

In the car on the way back home, Dec had settled down. With Ant’s company and support, he stopped crying, “Sorry Anth… I couldn’t deal with all that attention”
“Wow! Did I just hear that?! Declan Donnelly, the world’s biggest show off, admit to me that he couldn’t deal with the attention… Ya know, I am kidding… right?” Ant replied anxiously, but he relaxed when Dec smiled back. Softly, Dec held Ant’s hand, but Ant felt Dec, he was a little subdued, “Its fine Dec. I bet even the best people can’t deal with showing their emotions to a restaurant full of people and cameras… But I meant every word I said to ya tonight”
“I know ya did Anth… and that’s what got me… I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t picture us getting married… Only because I thought we already was…” Dec stated gently, his voice growing back. Fondly, Ant tilted his head onto Dec’s brown hair as Dec spoke. He knew what Dec meant. They were completely inseparable. Ant didn’t blame him, “Marriage is tough Dec… I don’t want to rush into it. I don’t want us to… ya know… split…”Ant glanced at the night sky as Dec rubbed his arm friendly,
“You want to get engaged, don’t ya pet” he heard Dec ask. Lightly, his head turned and he blushed, “Yeah, I do… I don’t want anyone to steal ya away from me… I know it sounds silly… Oh Dec… that was a lame reason, sorry…”
“Nah Anth… It wasn’t! I understand completely Ant. But, can I add something here… Just to clear this up for you Ant. No-one could ever steal me away. I am tied to you, always has been and always will be” Ant looked directly at Dec. Dec’s eyes were completely focused on his, “I’ll find a way McPartlin… I’ll find a way to surprise ya”
“Decky..!” Ant breathed out as he realised Dec’s intentions. Ant smiled and Dec grinned playfully, as he let the news sink in, “I’ll time it! It won’t be soon thou… I think it’ll be sweet if I asked you. Seen as it was me who dragged you in”
“Dec… I am shocked! You’d do this for me? You’d be giving up your mam and brother…”
“Of cause… who else am I gonna spend my life with? And I won’t be give up on them… They made the choice not to speak to me…”
“I love ya Declan Donnelly” Ant sighed back as Ant pressed against Dec’s lips. The car reached their drive but there were no way Ant was pulling quickly away from this one.





ANT AND DEC ice bucket challenge




or without shirts on in their underwear…..justsayin’…lol x

Well, they have to do it within 24 hours so it’s likely! OH MY… An Ant vs Dec! Who can stay in the ice bath for the longest!



God bless Antony Costa