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Dec’s Hidden Secrets (68)

Don’t read if ya don’t like. Fluff. Song reference - Changed the Way You Kiss Me, Example.

Patiently, the boys waited by their doorways, staring straight out directly at the raised platform below. On the left of the corridor, Dec had closed his eyes tightly, he zoned out and stroked at the velvet box distractedly, ‘Relax Declan, just breathe… It’s not just yet, silly… I got an hour to go… Until! Oh god… I ask Ant to be me husband… Oh… No Dec! Calm down…’ Dec thought as Ant sneaked a quick look at Dec. Worriedly, Ant didn’t like what he saw, Dec was extremely pale and slightly sweating on his brow already, very uncharacteristic for him - he was the natural show-off and normally so excited. Reluctantly, he turned away as he noticed the camera lights go red. He really wanted to go into help him out but time had ran out, they were live on ITV, “Its alright Decks, you’ll be fine… I’m with ya… So wanna give him a hug right now” Ant pleaded out softly as the announcer called out to the audience.

Quickly, Ant cheered up, the idea of him being live on ITV had drawn on him. He smiled pleasantly down the camera, waving very sweetly,
“He’s never been afraid of the highest heights, or afraid of flying - it’s Ant McPartlin” Ant mimed being a aeroplane and grinned childishly.
The camera rapidly panned over to Dec, who smiled very lightly, ‘Snap out of this Declan! Ya on live…’ Dec snapped at himself as he made himself concentrate and the most natural grin came upon his face.
Instantly, Ant saw this and relaxed slightly on the other side. The announcer was heard again over the intense cheering again,
“He’s never been afraid of the wildest fights, not afraid of dying - It’s Declan Donnelly” Mildly, Dec punched the camera joyfully, not really aiming but then he caught the cameraman’s lead. Ant was heard laughing heavily as the cameraman slipped backwards on the stairs, tumbling down three stairs. Guilty, Dec smirked at first at the camera on the floor, the audience giggling around him but Dec began to realise what happened. Loosely, Dec covered his mouth and reddened severely, “Sorry, alright down there…”
“Don’t panic Dec, it’s my own fault, go on make a joke!” The man replied sportingly.

Another camera dragged out on a big crane to capture the fully packed audience as the announcer called out, “I know ya gonna miss them… Cos they’ve Changed the Way They Kiss Us, it’s the last show of the series. It’s Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway!”
Instantly, the boys leapt swiftly from their starting positions, wildly bouncing down the hazardous stairway. On the far right, Ant just descended swiftly, scared to end up like the cameraman. While confidently Dec held out his hand, shaking hands and clapping as he made his way down. As soon as Ant hit the solid platform, he gradually made his way over to Dec’s side and watched over his partner’s progress intently. Seconds after, Dec reached the camera pit and protectively Ant held out his hand, “Give us ya hand pet. I noticed that ya look a bit pale Decks. Ya alright?” Ant sighed softly, just enough to let Dec hear but not the crew or the audience. Appreciatively of the privacy, Dec smiled as he responded just as quiet, “Yeah… I’m fine Ant, just nervous. I love ya Ant, I’m better now ya back by my side” Dec whispered softly as Ant tugged Dec up the step and continued the fluid movement on for a nice, warm, one armed hug, “Good, I love youse too Decks. I won’t leave ya… Well”
“Until ya have to, aye. It’s fine” Fondly, Ant squeezed Dec’s back as the fully loaded crowd screamed out louder. Clearly, liking the pair’s new relationship status, Ant understood their cheers, “Decks don’t panic about this… I think they want a bit more of this. Ya willing to continue? We are live so…”
“Ya daring me to…?” Dec was abruptly cut off. For Ant had pressed against Dec’s lips firmly and Dec’s cheeks redden as he felt Ant’s tongue enter. Surprised but completely loving the experience, Dec closed his eyes as the audience roared supportively. This made all his fears fall from his shoulders, he felt home.

Within a minute of them separating the audience settled, Ant kept his right arm snuggly around Dec’s waist as he began, “Welcome to Our Saturday Night Takeaway. Still the only show on TV to say…”
“Don’t just watch the Ads…” Dec edged in playfully as he slid across the stage. Immediately, the audience responded loudly, “Win them!”
“Yeah that’s right!” Dec mumbled as he returned to Ant’s side. Pleasantly, Ant smiled at him, momentary appreciating Dec’s faithful company. But Dec was starting to glance nervously at Ant. He had no clue about this bit as Ant had purposely kept it from him. Seen as he organised the end, Ant wanted to have some payback and Dec let him plan this by himself. Lightly, Ant whispered into Dec’s ear, “Don’t worry, I have this covered… just follow me lead Decks, trust me”
“Always mate… Just don’t make me look stupid”

Warmly, Ant shook Dec’s shoulders as a response as he looked down camera two. Eagerly, Ant began, “What a missable week it’s been, especially for us Geordie fellows…! Newcastle United sadly lost our first match of the session, Cheryl Cole has had another set back with the X Factor lot and… Surprise, surprise. Something else has happen to us two! “
“Hey…? What ya playing at?!” Dec replied very quietly in Ant’s ear as Ant released his waist and revealed a folded newspaper from his inside pocket. Slowly, Ant paced forward to the edge of the stage as he unfolded it gently. Openly, showing the cameras first before offering it back towards Dec. There on the headline page was a photo of him at the Thames by himself, ‘Feeling blue Dec?’ The large, bold, headline read. Slowly, Dec’s mouth opened, butterflies fluttered rapidly around as he searched for Ant’s eyes. But Ant had turned his back on him, addressing the cameras and audience confidently.
“Yes, ya see ladies and gentlemen! We had another big milestone in our little relationship… We had our second argument of 25 years!” Ant joked. The audience and crew laughed mildly as they saw Dec smirk playfully. Finally, Dec got grasp of the joke and grinned approvingly, sticking his tongue out at Ant. Light-heartedly, Ant saw his partner’s honest reaction and grinned childishly back as he strolled towards Dec. Affectionately, ruffling Dec’s brown hair as he met him and comforted genuinely, “Don’t ya worry Declan. Ya still me boyfriend, I love ya immensely pet”
Genuinely, Dec rose his head up and grinned at his partner. There was some truth in Ant’s playful tone and Dec latched onto it. The studio lights caught the reddened cheeks as Dec felt the audience reacting. Immediately, the audience went ‘aww’, rapidly Dec moved into kiss Ant’s cheek. Dec improvised craftily, “Glad to hear it Ant, I love ya too. Ya still me boyfriend also, youse big softie!”
“Aww! Declan called me a softie, ya hear that!” Ant played excitedly as the crowd giggled at the pair. Within seconds, Ant had controlled the audience again, “Well… We’re not the only one who have nick names are we Decks… By the way, that is his nick name… As well as little man…”
“Anthony!” Dec interrupted roughly as he dipped his head embarrassedly. The audience roared with laughter as Dec shuck his head, Ant darted off grinning. The camera crews where struggling to remain standing and professional, laughing so hard and leaning heavily over the equipment. With difficulty, they followed Ant as he climbed on the right stair case…




Well you can tell by the way I use my walk I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk…..

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Yes I’m afraid of heights as well Anthony 😝




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PJ and Duncan - Fanfiction

Don’t read if you don’t like. Warning!
Thought i should finally post this, after around a month of typing and retyping. Mild reference to Teenage Dream - Katy Perry.

After a busy day of preforming at some lousy, cramped DJ room in Birmingham. The boys were fuming, storming down the hotel corridor. Dec was a lot more angrier than Ant, and was stomping his feet down heavily as he walked along the corridor. So Ant wanted make sure that Dec headed inside his hotel room. The record company booked two rooms but they only need one. And he couldn’t stand Dec being this wound up for long. Immediately as they entered Ant’s room, they propelled their bags angrily onto the carpet floor. Roughly, Dec ran his hands through his hair as he turned towards Ant. Instantly, Ant knew Dec was about to rant at him, and sighed as he retreated back against the corner, dipping his head.

“Why do we do this? Every single night this week! Honestly, no human should ever go through that… Spitting is the lowest of the low… Never mind those little brats who just throw stuff at us… If they don’t like us, they can leave! I won’t mind!” He yelled loudly as he paced around the small basic room. Fearfully, Ant stayed still in his corner, the furthest away from Dec, he didn’t want to be dragged into something he couldn’t handle, “We need the cash Decky… I don’t like it either… Please don’t take it out on me… I cannot stand it when ya like this” Ant replied formally. He felt terrible and Dec’s bad mood wasn’t helping, it had radiated inside him and nagged continuously at him. He needed to please Dec and he knew exactly how to.

Rapidly, Ant hit his foot hard against the wall and Dec glanced quickly at his partner. He knew instantly that Ant was wanting his company. Dec took a minute to calm, smiling loosely as he let the worries slide away. Gently, Dec moved closer towards him, and Ant softly ran his arm around Dec’s waist. Fondly, Dec gripped Ant’s shoulders as Ant caressed his sides, “Forget that horrible place Decky… ‘M 19 now, have an amazing boyfriend and also have a grand in the bank… And it’s not even Christmas…” Ant broke as Dec firmly kissed him, Dec’s tongue entered and Ant moaned as it ran along his. They briefly broke for air, “Sorry… Ant… Forgot myself in the moment… please forgive me” 

“Nah Decky, I’m fine with this… Wanna play Dec?” Ant asked suggestively.

Instantly, Ant dipped down his head, firmly sliding his tongue into Dec mouth, who wobble suddenly. 
Lovingly, Ant lowered his hands down over Dec’s loose shirt, undoing buttons carelessly as he descended. Softly, Ant felt every inch of Dec’s upper body, the shirt fell from Dec. After, he curved his hands wickedly around Dec’s hips, which hid inside his tight, navy skinny jeans. Strongly, Ant held Dec’s weight as he moved his hold to the start of Dec’s legs. Gradually, Dec’s legs began to hook themselves around Ant’s waist as the owner panted. They paused their dance, “Ya practically begging me… Excited, inside those wickedly tight jeans… Want to continue… I’ll be nice”

“Aye… Yes… I’m begging ya now” Dec breathed as he felt Ant’s thumb lightly tease at him, he felt his tip dampening severely inside his boxers. Desperately, Dec bent his knees against Ant as his cheeks reddened.

Abruptly Ant left Dec. Settling his partner gently on the drawers by the right of the bed. Swiftly, he moved to the bed, wildly throwing off the pillows and yanking the duvet over the hotel bedposts. Childishly, Dec’s eyes lit up as he saw the finished product, “A den…! Oh I love those”
“Yep! Just for youse and me, sir… Ya mine tonight, gonna treat you”
“Sir… Oh my! What have I done right tonight?” Dec played along as Ant positioned pillows under the suspended roof. Eagerly, Ant beckoned Dec close, gathering Dec up of the drawers. He straddled out Dec’s legs carefully around his waist and kissed along his neck, “For… Being… My… Duncan, I love ya little man” Ant answered in between kisses, Dec felt himself falling for it. Smoothly, Ant began the decent. He ran his left hand down over Dec’s back as Dec’s hands clung roughly onto his arms. Supportively, Ant’s right arm stayed behind Dec’s back as Ant cautiously lowered him against the mattress. Carefully, Ant clambered over Dec, who was snuggly laid under the cotton roof, “I have ya safe and sound under my protection… Alright to continue? Swear I’ll be nice”

“Perfect PJ, youse can protect me tonight pal… ” Dec winked at Ant, who dragged his left hand over Dec’s butt. Grabbing the jeans and teasing them away. Throughout the undressing, Dec kept a tight hold onto Ant’s shoulders, “Anth…”
“Yeah? No worries, I’d be joining ya soon pet” Ant replied as Dec’s hands began to lower over his sides. Suddenly he shivered. His hazel eyes darkened. Quickly, Dec was stroking at his abdomen, his thumb caught Ant’s fly and unzipped it.

Within minutes, Ant had been undressed, he had turned Dec around and positioned Dec comfortably so that he was resting on his knees. Ant was generously applying lube onto Dec’s butt. Contently, Dec mumbled out into the pillow as he squirmed at texture, Ant smiled at his partner’s hopelessly desperate actions, “Does it tickle man?”

“Aye… Ya cruel Ant… Ya know ‘m ticklish”

“Sorry… But it’s for ya own good pal, I assure you… But don’t deny, ya liking it really, cheeky” Ant replied gently as he placed the tub away. Anxiously, Dec began giggling, “God aye… Is that bad..?”

“Nah… Expect a sudden uncomfortable feeling love”

Abruptly Ant shoved close. Instantly, Dec arched his back, groaning loudly into the pillow. He felt Ant’s arms wrap around, “Youse OK Decky..? Tell me when ya ready…”

“Anth… Love this… Oh…” Softly, Ant rocked his hips as he started a steady but gentle rhythm with his partner’s length. Swiftly, Dec’s hips started to join the movement, he dampened and Ant began deepening his thrusts, “Anth… Oh… That’s it… I can’t breathe”

“Don’t talk then!” Ant lightly joked as Dec’s face rolled heavily forward into the pillow as he moaned consistently with the movements. Playfully, Ant stroked along Dec’s length, flicking his tip and teasing lightly against his skin. 
Forcefully, Dec thrust downwards, Ant followed Dec down as he went in deep. Suddenly his upper body fell onto Dec’s back. Lovingly, Dec apologised for delaying him. But Ant just gave him another run of it and Dec desperately whimpered for more. As Ant pushed in again, he dampened inside Dec. Instantly felt, Dec shuddered violently as ecstasy took over. Explosively, Dec released as cried out exhaustedly, “Anthony…! I couldn’t… Oh… Wow”

“OK Decky… Just relax… Promise to bear ya in mind, I ain’t far”

“No… Go… For… It” Dec panted firmly, as he tried to prepare himself.

Within the next rough movement, Dec collapsed onto his front as pleasure came too much for him. Determinedly, Ant went deep again. Uncontrollably, Dec quivered as Ant surged deeper than before, “Oh… Hello…” Dec whined hopelessly as he pressed his face firmly against the pillow, “Decky!” Ant roared as he exploded inside Dec. Ant fell forward, Dec’s eyes falling rapidly as Ant yanked the cover off the bedposts. Softly, kissing Dec good night before closing his own eyes, “Love ya… Declan”

“Sorry for being so grumpy earlier… I love ya too, Anthony…”

“It’s fine, cheered up?”

“Yeah… Anth?” Dec asked as his voice wavered, he was still feeling the ecstasy from before. Lightly, Ant reached for Dec, “What’s up?”
“Gonna say something… Don’t laugh” Ant stayed silent, “Youse made my teenage dream…” Dec sighed as he fell into a deep sleep. Fondly, Ant laid his exhausted partner against his chest. Making sure to hug him gently and kissing him along his forehead sweetly, “Oh Decky, adorable man… You’ve made mine, I love ya more little man… Oh, come here…” Ant sighed as he rolled over, holding Dec softly against him and lowering his chin against Dec’s hair.



Just when you thought he couldn’t get any cuter





Just when you thought he couldn’t get any cuter

ugh he’s so cute! x

This is adorable!!! (Thank you for this)


Challenge Ant with a contestant called Declan Donnelly (Part 2)