Dec’s hidden secrets (63)

Don’t read if ya don’t like,

It was a very hard Friday afternoon at ITV Studios in London for Ant and Dec. They had been rehearsing since 9am, Ant glanced longingly at the clock and saw it was only 2:30. He was inside his dressing room, consumed within his scripts. Sighing roughly as he rubbed his eyes, he was quickly becoming fed up with the amount of work still left to be done. But, what he didn’t know was that he had been locked inside his dressing room. Because Dec had gone off to rehearse the last part of the show and had locked Ant in with his key, taking Ant’s with him also. However, Ant had been too busy with the scripts to notice, yet he was starting to realised that Dec was missing. Because the room was a lot more quieter and the sofa had more space. Suddenly he laughed. He thought had of a joke and wrote it in swiftly.
Ant semi-expected Dec to notice and giggle too. But there was no sound other than from him. Softly, he glanced around, he couldn’t see his partner anyway and his mouth frowned, “Dec… Declan..?” Ant shouted out, his voice wavering as it dawned upon him. He was alone.

Intently, Ant rose up from the purple sofa and moved animatedly into the blue area. His eyes rapidly surveying around and his head span around wildly. However, he sighed sadly as he had to conclude, that Dec was missing. It abruptly fell on him, Ant was all on his own in their dressing room. A small pain was felt in the lower regions of his heart as Ant shuffled slowly back to the sofa. He noticed a remote left abandoned on the coffee table accompanied with a short note on the top.

Thought you’d get bored with the scripts, don’t worry about finishing them. Why don’t ya watch some TV? There might be an interesting game on…

Intrigued, Ant pressed the on button, sounds blared out loudly behind him.
Abruptly Ant jumped. The sound had spooked him, he panted firmly as he calmed down upon the sofa. But reassuringly, there across the room, was a large flat screen TV upon Dec’s computer desk. With what looked like to be the Newcastle game on the screen.
Instantly, Ant realised this was all Dec’s doing. Dec apologising to him for leaving him again and grinned approvingly. Ant breathed softly, “Oh, thanks man… I know ya meant well… But where are ya Decky? Am getting lonely”

The answer came quicker than he expected, he heard a key scrap roughly inside the lock. Swiftly, Ant turned around to the door, and there was Dec. His hair very dishevelled, his shirt scruffily untucked around the back and cardigan thrown carelessly over his shoulders. Heavily, Dec leant against the door, he seemed incredible stressed. But, his blue eyes were staring apologetically at his partner, “‘M sorry Anth… Planning took way to long… Had to lock ya in… Sorry… surprise tomorrow…” Dec mumbled quietly.
Fondly, Ant just smiled at him, he could see that Dec meant well and was completely exhausted from whatever the surprise was. Warmly, Ant rose from the sofa and neared his partner. When Ant met Dec, he lured Dec carefully in towards his chest. Gently, Ant rubbed against his hand against Dec’s back lightly. Instantly, Dec fell into Ant’s warm embrace, his head burring itself against Ant’s neck as Ant comforted him, “That’s alright Decky, I was only lonely for a few seconds pal… It’s OK, love youse, forgive ya completely. But hey! Does this mean that I have ya back now? Can I look after youse?”
“Yep to both Ant, here I am…! Very tired though mate… Please, I don’t want too much fussing… My legs ache and head can’t cope with it” Dec replied gloomily. Ant heard Dec’s reply and immediately lifted Dec safely into his arms. Lightly, helping Dec to straddle his legs around Ant’s waist as he walked into the cosy dressing room. Lovingly, Dec fell into the contact, lowing his head upon Ant’s shoulders and closing his eyes.

Protectively, Ant carried his slumbering boyfriend over towards the sofa. On the way, he gave Dec loads of kisses along his neck and his complete attention, stroking along his sides as settled himself down. Slowly, he lowered Dec onto his lap, “Decky… Youse lay right here with me pet, I won’t fuss with ya too much… I just gonna watch the game, wanna watch with me?” Ant asked with a soft voice. Dec appreciated the gentle tone, as his head didn’t throb like before when Steven yelled over the music at him. Ant was speaking softly, Dec admired him for it and kissed Ant sweetly on the lips. Quickly, Ant noticed that Dec’s blue eyes were gradually disappearing behind his eyelids. Lovingly, Ant brushed his left hand gradually through Dec’s hair and allowing Dec rest heavily against his chest. Dec had just enough energy to mumble, “Sorry Anth… I do want to. Just too tired to stay awake… David and Steven made me rehearse three times more than I said…”
“Oh youse poor thing… It’s fine pet, youse just rest Declan. I’ll look after ya, warning… I may hug, kiss or stroke ya hair during the game… I know ya don’t want too much fussing… But I just wanna feel ya… Ya just too cuddly” Ant replied lovingly as he retraced back through Dec’s hair. Abruptly a low but long moan erupted from Declan’s mouth. Instantly, Dec’s head rolled back, his eyes completely shut and his breath caught. Dec mumbled back, “I like it… Please Anth… Love, keep it going… It’s sending me off to sleep… Love ya man…”

Within minutes of Ant’s gentle caressing, Dec was contently snoring within Ant’s arms. Fondly, Ant cuddled Dec up close, squeezing slightly at Dec’s chest as the game kicked off. Suddenly Ant thought of something. He reached into Dec’s right jean pocket. Rapidly, he pulled out Dec’s phone, texting David and Steven,

Hey there lads,
Please, can I ask you to leave us alone for at least 3 hours. Poor Dec’s exhausted, he’s asleep in me arms. Just let us watch the match in peace, please…
I’ve done the beginning, so that’s the show done… Show ya after dinner.

Within 5 minutes, Ant had an answer from his work colleagues. Carefully, Ant cradled Dec off to his left, supporting his head and back with his left arm wrapped tightly around. Whilst his right scrolled down at the message,

Hey Ant,
Oh yeah sure… Sorry! Send our apologise to Dec, it was our fault he’s so tired. Too many takes for him to cope with. Look after him won’t you, like you need us to tell ya. I am getting Dec a Chinese, as an apology and we know you’d want a burger (with a pint) no need to ask.
I feel so guilty, the poor man… He ask to stop ages ago but we didn’t listen to him… We won’t disturb you at all, if Dec doesn’t wake up by 5 then just tell us, no worries. I’ll move the meeting for when Dec’s awake.
Best wishes,
David (with Steven over shoulder)

Appreciatively, Ant smiled at Dec’s phone and placed it on the table, “Sweet dreams partner… I love ya too, ma little man” Ant kissed Dec passionately against his lips. Gradually, he felt Dec move his hand towards Ant’s shoulder and grip loosely. Ant took it as a ‘I can still hear youse’ and stroked Dec’s hair.





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Dec’s Hidden Secrets (62)

Don’t read if ya don’t like - big warning! Dec’s making up to Ant

As soon as the pair burst through the front door, their clothes were already being shed. Their coats littered the hall as the boys stripped each other frantically to their waists. Quickly, Ant slammed the door firmly as Dec ran his hands around his waist. Dec was venturing mischievously towards Ant’s fly and teased him with a long stoke along his skin, “Oh my… Decky man… I love ya…” Ant sighed as he felt Dec unzip his jeans. Firmly, Dec rubbed himself against Ant’s behind as Ant was pressed securely against the front door. Playfully, Ant span around and Dec let Ant’s denim rub beneath his hands. He felt the burn off the abrasive movement and liked the heat. Instantly, Ant dipped his head, they lips locked and pressed solidly. Expertly, Dec’s tongue controlled. It lightly skimmed Ant’s lips as his hands lowered Ant’s jeans.
Swiftly, Ant kicked his legs free as he roamed his hand into Dec’s hair. Ant brushed it roughly back, it made Dec begin to moan into his mouth. They broke for air, “Trust me Anth… I gonna start moving backwards” Ant moaned weakly in response. He completely trusted Dec. Following eagerly as Dec paced backwards into the living room.

Moments later, Dec felt the top of the coffee table behind him and Ant’s hands pushed his laptop onto the sofa safety, “Coast clear… Decky… God…” Ant whined as Dec skilfully ran his hands gradually up his thighs, teasing the soft skin gently and in turn turning his partner on. Dec felt Ant harden swiftly against his abdomen and Ant began to roll his hips, “Lowering ya Anth… sorry if I can’t hold ya up… Ain’t doing it on purpose”
“No… Worries… Love ya… Come and get me little one…” Ant panted as Dec gradually lent Ant against the wooden coffee table.

When Ant had been safely lowered, Dec locked his hand tightly at Ant’s hips and looked seriously at Ant, “Do ya want me to just get on with it? Or do ya want a bit more…”
“Oh… Decky go on, play with me… I know ya want to… I don’t mind… I just want ya to love me… Make up for leaving me” Ant breathless stated as Dec obliged.
Slightly, Dec caressed lightly over Ant’s tip within his boxers and hearing his partner groan with pure pleasure. Hopelessly, Ant began to roll his hips, fighting for friction which just wasn’t going to come. He shuck violently on the table as Dec continue the torture whist running his palm along his harden length, “I do love ya Anth… I so sorry for leaving I will make it up… I promise ya, youse relax and enjoy” Dec encouraged as his finger caught Ant’s slit. Forcefully, Ant thrusted upwards and yelled out as Dec removed his pants. He shuck uncontrollably on the table, his eyes darkened considerably and his skin all sweaty.

Desperately, Ant moaned for more but Dec retreated to move his laptop onto the TV cabinet. Swiftly, Dec returned and shoved Ant onto the sofa. Roughly, Ant rolled his head back against the armrest as Dec clambered on top of him. This was the friction he wanted, “…Can feel ya Dec… Let me help” Ant whispered in broken sentences into Dec’s ear. Greedily, Ant’s hands roamed all over Dec’s butt, lowering Dec’s jeans with ease. Breathlessly, Dec groaned at the light squeezing but then Ant slapped him hard, “That’s for leaving, boy…”
Immediately, Dec whined desperately, “Sorry… I said I was sorry!” The heat surged rapidly downwards, Dec was left desperate. Quickly, Ant pulled down his drenched boxers in one movement. Immediately, Ant felt Dec dampen considerably against his skin, Ant tried to get Dec to speak but he was silent. “Mate… Declan…! Sorry, you Ok? I was only playing…” Ant panted worriedly, running his hands to Dec’s face and lift it cautiously upwards,
“Yeah ‘m fine… Love this, ya wicked. Thanks I guess for the punishment… Wow that is cruel…” Dec breathed quietly. Just for fun, Ant hit Dec again. Again, Dec whined desperately at the intense heat and pressed his face firmly into Ant’s chest. Instantly, Ant felt sorry for making Dec act like that. Uncontrollably Dec was shaking and whimpering. Ant was thrown back by his memories to the time when he was like that. To make Dec feel better, Ant gently rubbed Dec. Harshly, Dec groaned, his area was throbbing with want and Ant’s touching wasn’t enough, “Oh Anth…” he sighed weakly
“Go on mate… Get me back, I’m sorry… Go first youse deserve it” Ant replied genuinely as Dec pushed himself urgently in deep. Abruptly Ant breathed in. But rapidly, he bucked upwards as Dec rocked firmly in deep.

Affectionately, Dec kissed Ant as his hands gripped Ant’s hips, “Dec… Yes… Good man!” Ant yelled as his eyelids closed and his hips surged forward. Suddenly Dec faltered. There was something forming in the pit of his stomach and it made him moan. Helpfully, Ant rolled his hips again and felt Dec pump rapidly at him. So close now, Dec slowed and lengthened his thrusts, trying to make Ant go first. Dec made sure to catch Ant slit and caress over his skin. Finally, Ant began to show signs of climaxing. His breath was all harsh and his body was shaking as ecstasy took over, “Please Decky…” Ant pleaded as Dec sped up. Instantly, Ant cried as he thrusted forcefully into Dec’s hands. Dec felt the heat upon him and cried out at Ant. It was triggering his own, Dec screamed exhaustedly as Ant shuck with the movement.

Dec fell forward onto Ant, as they fell into their own worlds…


Ant hugging his puppet Dec :) (Adorable challenge ever)


Dec interviewing a cast member from Serbina the Teenaged Witch alone in Hollywood!


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Ant & Dec talk about Takeaway On Tour


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